Innovating for a healthier environment

Sustainability in the lab: </br>Working to create a healthier Canada

Sustainability in the lab:
Working to create a healthier Canada

Last year, our Environmental Sustainability team launched a pilot project to recycle methanol in the stain used by our hematology lab to dye slides. Methanol and other chemicals are prohibited from entering municipal wastewater systems and are disposed of as chemical waste through a third-party supplier.

Using the methanol recovery unit Procycler™ to repurpose up to 100% of methanol, we have significantly reduced the purchase of new methanol – a significant step in reducing our environmental impact. “This new program has helped to develop a recycling culture in our labs,” says Mohamad Zaraket, Manager, Laboratory Operations, Hematology.

“Sustainability has positively impacted our daily lives; we have all become mindful of taking those extra steps to minimize our environmental impact every day.” LifeLabs will be rolling out the methanol recycling system to our laboratories in Toronto, Mississauga, Victoria, Burnaby and Belleville over the next year.

Sustainability is the new frontier for innovation. Finding new ways to lower costs by reducing air waste, reducing our inputs, and making a positive impact on the environment benefits everyone.
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