Connecting to our communities

Pancakes for a purpose: </br>Supporting childhood cancer

Pancakes for a purpose:
Supporting childhood cancer

In November 2017, LifeLabs announced a community partnership with the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). POGO works to support children with cancer and their families by providing equitable access to health care and support services.

In Canada, an average of 943 cases of cancer are found in children each year. With this prevalence, LifeLabs wanted to support those who are helping children living with cancer, their families and communities. As the lead sponsor of POGO’s Pajamas and Pancakes program, LifeLabs hosted fundraisers across the country with our employees to show our support for children diagnosed with cancer.

“LifeLabs’ commitment allows us to sustain our unique mission to provide access to the best available support for every child in Ontario who has been diagnosed with cancer, and to the families who love and so desperately want to protect those children,” says Lynn Wilson, Chief Development Officer, POGO.


Over the next four years, LifeLabs has committed to donating $200,000 to POGO, through fundraisers like pajama days and pancake breakfasts with employees.

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