Letter from the CEO

At LifeLabs, we take great pride in improving the health outcomes of Canadians. Through innovative technology and groundbreaking science, we work to continually improve the health care experience of the 79,000 patients we serve each day. Whether it’s launching a new genetic test to make sure you’re taking the right medication, conveniently delivering your test results online, or developing the next generation of health services, we are focused on empowering Canadians in their health journey.

As the new CEO of LifeLabs, I am honoured to join a team of highly skilled professionals who are truly passionate about providing exceptional patient care. As you will read in this year’s community report, we have advanced health care for Canadians while supporting our communities. Our stories capture our commitment to advancing convenient, patient-centred care through innovative digital health solutions and our constant drive to introduce the very latest diagnostic solutions for Canadians.

Part of building a healthier Canada means encouraging healthier communities through partnerships and nurtured relationships with local organizations and giving back to the people we are privileged to serve. These connections enrich the lives of our patients and the communities they live in, helping us support health outcomes from a holistic perspective. Personally, I am passionate about giving back, and am proud to be part of a team where driving positive health, social, economic, and environmental outcomes where we live and work is fundamental to the culture.

The accomplishments highlighted in this report would not be possible without the hard work of our professionally trained staff, from lab technologists, to lab technicians, to phlebotomists, to couriers, physicians and customer care call-centre representatives, as well as our corporate staff. I look forward to working with the team and our partners to create innovative services and technology that will have a profound impact on the lives of our patients. With that, I hope you enjoy reading this report on our work this year.

Charles Brown
President and CEO